Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Arrived in Bintulu at 8:30am. Breakfast at Very Nice Cafe. Can't exactly tell you where it is but find  KK Book Centre at Assyakirin Commercial Centre (Jalan Sultan Iskandar) and you will find the cafe It is right across it. Tried Mee Pau; yellow noodle cooked in spicy sauce with meat and boiled egg. Priced at MYR 5.5, it was worth paying for. They only sell this in the morning though so get your butt there as early as you can.

Lunch on the first day was at Lu FA Cafe. They serve various types of meat and vegetables. You pay MYR 6.50 per plate and the rule is easy. You take as much as you want, as many types as you want, put it all in a plate, eat and be merry! Oh..no refill though. :p

Address: Shoplot 8, Ground Floor, Lot 220, KLD, Bintulu/Tatau, Sarawak, 97000 Bintulu, Malaysia
Phone:+60 86-334 011

We decided to go Japanese for dinner. Went to Shabu-Kun Restaurant located not far from Everland Inn.
Ordered the above set for six pax. Opted for tomyam for our soup. With drinks and a plate of sushi, we paid MYR 148. Burp!!

Next breakfast destination. Sentral Cafe located in front of Promenade Hotel. The Kueh Tiaw Soup, flat white noodle served in a light broth topped with meat, prawn, fishball and meatball. Add chilli soaked in vinegar for a bit of spice. MYR 6.
Penang Char Kueh Tiaw is famous in Penang, a northern state of Malaysia. But being the multi-racial country, food from other states are often found somewhere else as well. This particular dish is amazing! It was cooked to perfection. White flat noodle fried with prawns,eggs, bean sprouts, chinese sausage, cockles and the shop's own special spicy sauce. They offer big portion for MYR 8 and smaller portion for MYR 6. Sadly, there were no cockles in it that day but it was still worth it. 
Kompia is well associated with Sibu, a town in Sarawak. The pastry was lightly crisped and when you bite into it, you can hear the crunch and feel the taste of sesame in your mouth. Yummy! The filling differs depending on who made it. This one was with minced meat, seasoned and fried. MYR 1 each but you'll pay MYR 5 if you get six pieces. 

A famous chicken rice stall in Bintulu called Kheong Kee Chicken Rice. The owner actually originated from Perak. The above collage is the combination we had for lunch. And it was an amazing combination.< MYR 50 excluding the greens and drinks for 5 pax.
Juicy steamed and roasted chicken.
Well-seasoned chicken liver and gizard. Maybe not everyone can stomach this but we love it!
Succulent char siew pork and sesame honey roasted chicken glazed with sweet gravy.
The dish may look simple but when it was sent to the table fresh from the wok, the taste was incredible. This dish however was not done by Kheong Khee but by the chef of Joyful Cafe. MYR 10.

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